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Access control systems in Manchester

Security is top-of-mind for all businesses, and the best access control companies in Manchester can help improve physical security at any property. In comparing UK access control companies, modern offices are looking for providers that offer best-in-class security solutions and complete access control systems in Manchester. Openpath is a leading provider of mobile access control solutions in Manchester, with a complete line of hardware and software designed to secure any space. Working with local UK access control installers, Openpath is easy to deploy in any building, with scalable features designed specifically for enterprise businesses. The cloud-managed system is great for multi-site businesses, giving businesses added flexibility to control all their locations’ commercial security systems in the United Kingdom. Access control installers in Manchester can perform a site audit to give UK businesses a custom price quote for their security systems, and make suggestions for access control, video surveillance, alarm systems, and more tools to safeguard the built environment.

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Access control systems and best commercial building security in Manchester

In order to be more flexible and adaptable, many Manchester businesses are making the switch to cloud-based access control. Openpath is a leading provider of mobile and cloud-managed solutions in Great Britain, with a range of features designed to maximize convenience without sacrificing security. The mobile-based system combines sleek, award-winning hardware with an app, and seamlessly integrates with other systems via a truly open platform. See why Manchester access control installers are recommending Openpath to their customers:

  • Touchless access control with key card and fob support
    When looking for ways to improve the experience in the workplace, going touchless is an easy upgrade with Openpath. The mobile access control company uses your smartphone as your key. The unique Wave to Unlock feature lets Openpath users unlock a door by waving their hand or phone in front of the reader, without even opening the app. The contactless credentials are great for preventing the spread of germs in the workplace, and prevents bottlenecking at key entry points in the building, like at turnstiles. For businesses that want to use other access methods, Openpath also supports unlock via encrypted key cards and fobs, Apple Watch, tablet apps, and Cloud Key credentials. The system even supports legacy RFID badges, so you don’t have to replace all your credentials when you upgrade. Plus, Openpath provides a consistent, reliable unlocking experience backed by patented Triple Unlock technology, using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular data.
  • Fast installation with certified access control installers in the UK
    Working with all the top UK access control companies, Openpath has a large network of certified installers in Manchester. Local UK access control integrators recommend Openpath because it’s quick and easy to install in any space. The backwards-compatible system easily connects to legacy backend hardware, and features simply plug-and-play wiring. The Smart Readers are designed to be able to mount flush with the wall, while the Smart Hubs keep all the access control hardware organized and easily managed. Openpath provides all Manchester installation partners with up-to-date guides, training, and marketing materials to ensure their customers get the best access control installation experience. Talk to a local access control expert in Manchester to get started today.
  • Complete remote management for your Manchester access control system
    The best commercial security systems in Manchester are cloud-managed, giving administrators remote access to the entire system. This is an important feature for businesses that need to centralize their security management, such as in multi-location enterprises. Openpath’s cloud software enables complete remote access. Issue or revoke user credentials instantly, make changes to door schedules or permissions, and even unlock the door from anywhere in the world. To enhance scalability, Openpath also allows administrators to add new entries or make changes to the system from the easy-to-use interface. Cloud-managed systems are also more secure, with software updates pushed instantly over the air, ensuring your Manchester access control system is always up-to-date.
  • Native occupancy tracking and safety solutions
    To create safer, healthier UK workplaces, Openpath comes equipped with built-in features like occupancy tracking. The real-time data gives you a snapshot of office capacity, allowing admins to enforce social distancing in the workplace. Because Openpath runs on an open platform, UK access control installers can easily integrate with other tools and apps. Integrating with best-of-breed technology partners, Openpath customers in Manchester can automate digital health questionnaires, temperature scans, and contact tracing at their buildings. Connect Openpath with video surveillance systems, identify management tools, tenant apps, and building management platforms to enable a holistic security system that makes buildings smarter and safer over time.
  • 24/7 support by phone, email, and online
    You have questions; we have the answers. Get expert support whenever you need it from the dedicated customer service team at Openpath. Easily reach out 24/7 with convenient support options: call us by phone, send us an email, or use the online chat feature. You can also browse our extensive online library of FAQs, setup and installation guides, and free access control resources. It’s our goal to resolve your issues quickly and efficiently. Our customer support team can check the status of your Openpath system remotely, and troubleshoot over the cloud. If you need in-person assistance, we can connect you with a local Manchester access control installer as well. Openpath is the best access control company in the UK for customer support.

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