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Security is a top concern for any organization. The best access control company in Las Vegas will provide complete solutions designed to protect people, assets, and data. When comparing access control companies in Nevada, look for local Las Vegas access control installers that are well-versed in the specific security needs of businesses throughout Clark County. A company that offers complete access control systems, like Openpath, will have both hardware and software solutions, as well as a range of features and capabilities that enhance safety and security in the built environment. Talk to an access control provider in Las Vegas to learn about how Openpath’s touchless, mobile access control can integrate with video surveillance, tenant platforms, and building system tools to scale security management from a single Downtown Las Vegas location and across an entire enterprise.

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Best mobile access control systems in Las Vegas, NV

In a city known for 24-hour tourism and high stakes, Las Vegas access control systems need to be able to provide the best security on the market. Local Vegas access control installers recommend a cloud-based system like Openpath to maximize flexibility and interoperability for Nevada businesses. The feature-rich system can be managed remotely from anywhere, with an open platform designed to seamlessly integrate with other security systems such as video security cameras, alarms, and identity management tools. Openpath’s mobile access control systems in Las Vegas provide real-time data insights, and are an excellent choice to safeguard your space with best-in-class security and technology.

  • Hands-free and touchless access control
    In a city that never stops, frictionless access control systems will keep business moving forward. Openpath does away with cumbersome, outdated key card door access systems in favor of a modern smartphone app-based solution, which has an industry-leading 94% mobile adoption rate. The mobile credentials aren’t just a convenient access option for Vegas businesses. Openpath’s touchless wave to unlock feature lets users open the door while their phone stays in their pocket or bag—all without sacrificing security. Complete with end-to-end encryption, Openpath’s touchless access control systems are great for enterprise offices and commercial spaces, retail locations, and entertainment venues in Las Vegas. The hands-free access control solution is flexible, too, supporting unlock via the Apple watch, encrypted key cards and fobs, and Cloud Key credentials that work alongside the smartphone credentials.
  • Best-of-breed integrations for better safety and wellness
    In addition to touchless access, local Las Vegas access control integrators recommend Openpath for the native occupancy features that come built into the system. Automate and enforce social distancing by monitoring occupancy in real-time, and setting capacity limits for your space. Openpath also utilizes its open API and mobile SDKs to power seamless integrations with best-of-breed technology partners. Enhance safety throughout your space with out-of-the-box integrations with top-rated video surveillance companies in Vegas. Connect Openpath’s credentials with tenant and visitor platforms to automate digital health questionnaires and temperature checks, as well as facilitate faster responses for contact tracing. Openpath’s leading access control technology helps future-proof Las Vegas spaces, solving the challenges businesses face right now, and helping them adapt for tomorrow.
  • Scalable enterprise access control systems
    For enterprise businesses in Las Vegas, access control systems should make security management easier, not more complicated. Openpath is a leading provider of enterprise access control in Nevada, with a robust set of features designed to streamline operations and automate processes across multi-location businesses. Openpath lets Las Vegas security managers set site-specific and granular permissions, without needing to give out different credentials for each building or access level. Openpath also features a powerful Rules Engine, which allows admins to automate processes and alerts, and flexible Lockdown plans designed to enhance safety and improve ROI across the entire enterprise. One reason Nevada access control installers recommend Openpath is that the system is designed to scale up or back in just a few clicks. Adding new building sites, adjusting doors, and syncing users is effortless, with all locations managed from a single interface.
  • Trusted and certified Las Vegas access control installers
    The top access control providers in Clark County will always work with a certified access control installer in Las Vegas when making changes to your security system. Openpath hand-selects our local integrators and partners for quality of service, level of expertise, and responsiveness. Our Las Vegas access control integrators have extensive knowledge of local security needs, with experience deploying security systems in Downtown Las Vegas and throughout the Mojave Desert region. Our trusted network of professional Las Vegas access control providers are trained to install systems in hospitality, entertainment, commercial, and retail spaces throughout Nevada. Plus, Openpath installation partners always receive the most up-to-date training and marketing materials available, so they’re well-versed on the latest Openpath features and capabilities.
  • Quality customer support available 24/7
    Taking care of our customers is an important part of our mission to safeguard the built world. Openpath’s top-rated access control support is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We make it easy to connect with helpful team members, with options to ask questions, get a price quote, or receive assistance with your system via email, phone, and online chat. Thanks to Openpath’s cloud-based platform, our support team can troubleshoot hardware over-the-air, and dispatch a local Las Vegas access control technician to the space if needed. At Openpath, we listen to customer feedback to develop the features our customers need and want. Every Openpath installation partner and customer also has 24/7 access to our extensive online library of FAQs, downloadable guides, feature tutorials, and helpful content.

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