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Choosing the right access control system is a crucial step in safeguarding your space. The best Denver access control company for your business will work with a local Colorado access control system installer to make sure you get best-in-class products and services. Before installing a new system, it’s a good idea to schedule a site audit with a licensed access control installer in Denver to identify weaknesses in your current system, and understand the full scope of your needs. Openpath partners with the leading access control companies in Colorado to install our keyless door entry systems. Our network of Denver access control installers has extensive experience deploying touchless entry solutions for businesses across Colorado, from offices and campuses in Boulder to enterprises across North America. Openpath offers unique security features on our mobile access control solution for Denver businesses, including occupancy tracking, video system integrations, and award-winning Lockdown plans. Whether you have an existing access control system, or need a brand-new system installed in your Denver facility, our local Arapahoe County access control installers can help you get the most out of your physical security technology.

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Denver access control systems and top security features

Security is essential for keeping your space safe, and protecting both your data and your people. Safeguard your building with the best access control technology in Denver. Local Colorado access control installers can help get you set up with secure mobile credentials from the leading Denver access control companies. When choosing which system is right for you, look for cloud-based access control for better flexibility, especially if you run and enterprise business. To get the most out of your Denver access control system, you’ll want technology designed to secure your space right now, but also can easily accommodate new developments and features to future-proof your building.

  • Leading mobile access control with touchless capabilities
    Mobile credentials are increasingly popular for Denver access control companies. Openpath’s system has an industry-leading 94% mobile adoption rate, with a user-friendly app and completely touchless capabilities. One reason businesses are switching to mobile access control is that it’s more convenient to access your Denver office using your smartphone. With Openpath’s unique wave to unlock feature, you also create a contactless entry experience to promote a germ-free building. But don’t sacrifice security for convenience. Openpath is backed by patented Triple Unlock technology for a consistent, reliable experience that works even when the power is out, and the entire system is encrypted end-to-end. If you prefer a key card door entry system, Openpath is backwards compatible with legacy access control systems, and also supports encrypted RFID badges and fobs for better security.
  • A network of certified Colorado access control installers in your area
    Openpath works with a trusted network of access control partners in Colorado to install our mobile system. When you choose an Openpath access control company in Arapahoe County, you have added reassurance that you’re getting the best security on the market. We provide our installation partners with the latest training materials so they’re always up to date on the newest features and products for your Denver security system. Plus, Denver access control installers are able to get you set up with Openpath quickly, thanks to our easy installation. Openpath uses standard wiring, so your Denver security company is able to install the system effortlessly, even in retrofit buildings. Arapahoe County access control installers love that Openpath is backwards compatible, meaning you can install Openpath alongside an existing system in one building, and deploy a full Openpath system in another—and it’s all managed on one platform. Find a local Denver access control installer near you to get started today.
  • Built-in occupancy tracking and robust safety integrations
    Your Denver access control system can do more than just let people into the building. Openpath comes equipped with unique safety features to keep your space secure and healthy. Have your Colorado access control installer place Openpath readers at key access points throughout your space to use the built-in Occupancy Dashboard. Get a snapshot of which spaces are the most crowded, and set capacity limits for social distancing. Because Openpath uses open architecture and a cloud-based platform, your access control provider can also help you automate and enforce new protocols by integrating your Denver access control with other building systems. Enable digital health questionnaires, temperature screenings, and enhanced safety measures by integrating with leading technology companies. Ask your access control system installer in Denver about connecting your video surveillance system, visitor and tenant platforms, communication apps, and alarm systems to your Openpath access control. Future-proof your space with technology designed to safeguard what matters most.
  • Convenient remote management and enterprise software
    The best modern access control systems will use a cloud-based solution to manage security. Denver access control installers recommend cloud-based systems because they not only save space by eliminating on-premise servers, they are also easier to manage. Software and security upgrades are done instantly over the cloud, and minimize the risk of a breach in your space. Plus, with the Openpath cloud-based access control software, you have access to all our remote management features. Manage all your locations from a single interface, without having to be on-site. You can unlock the door, issue or revoke credentials, and even add new entries from anywhere, at any time. For enterprise businesses, Openpath also offers a robust feature set designed to streamline your multi-location operations. Ask your Colorado access control provider about creating granular and site-specific permissions, and how to design effective emergency strategies with our Flexible Lockdown plans. Openpath is designed to scale up or back with your business, letting you customize your access control experience with flexible hardware options and one centralized management tool for the entire enterprise.
  • 24/7 support from our helpful, friendly team
    It’s our mission to make access control frictionless at every level, and that includes our customer service. The Openpath support team is available around the clock, 365 days a year. Get in touch with customer service and sales support easily, with options for online chat, phone, or email support. If needed, our team can troubleshoot hardware issues over the cloud, or dispatch a local access control technician in Denver to provide in-person maintenance. Plus, you have access to our extensive online content library with free access control guides, troubleshooting help, articles on using our open platform for integrations, and more. When it comes to choosing the best Denver access control company, choose a provider that will be there for you every step of the way.

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