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Best Baltimore access control companies and installers in Maryland

Looking for the best access control company in Baltimore to secure your space? Before installing a new physical security system for commercial buildings, a local Maryland access control installer can help you choose the right technology. Mobile and cloud-based access control systems in Baltimore are quickly becoming the most popular options, due to their increased flexibility and scalability. Openpath, a leading provider of mobile access control solutions in Maryland and throughout the Atlantic coast, offers personalized security systems to fit your space. Certified access control installers in Baltimore are experienced in deploying Openpath solutions across a variety of industries, including commercial real estate, retail spaces, and enterprise offices in Downtown Baltimore and surrounding areas. To get the most out of your Baltimore access control systems, ask your integrator about the ability to connect your access control system with other physical security and cybersecurity tools such as video surveillance, alarms, building management, and user directory apps. Even if your building already has a legacy access control system, it’s important to do a site audit with a Baltimore access control company to identify any weak points and take proactive steps towards preventing security breaches.

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How to find the best Baltimore access control systems

Every space is different, so one-size-fits-all access control solutions are usually not the best option. Instead, the best access control system for your Baltimore building is one that’s personalized to address the unique needs of your organization. With a cloud-based, flexible solution from Openpath, an access control installer in Maryland can customize a system to give you the exact, best-of-breed security you need.

  • Secure, touchless access with mobile credentials
    With a 94% mobile adoption rate, Openpath’s smartphone-based credentials offer the fastest, most secure experience on the market. Complete with a contactless Wave to Unlock feature, Openpath allows users to unlock the door hands-free, without compromising convenience or security. Backed by our patented Triple Unlock technology that uses Wi-Fi, cellular data, and Bluetooth signals simultaneously, unlocking the door is always fast and reliable, even if the Internet is down. Mobile access with Openpath offers a streamlined app experience, with customizable mobile badging, automatic entry detection, and remote access features. Still need more traditional access methods for your Baltimore access control system? Openpath also offers key cards and fobs with the highest encryption available on the market, as is backwards compatible with the most popular legacy access control systems in Maryland. The best part? All your credentials work on the same Openpath readers, and are easily managed on one convenient interface.
  • The largest network of certified access control installers in Baltimore
    Openpath partners with a nationwide network of trusted, certified access control installers to ensure our customers always get the best service possible. All Openpath access control integrators receive up-to-date training, first access to the newest features and products, and a team of dedicated Openpath support to answer questions. Our network has extensive experience installing Openpath access control in Baltimore businesses, from small retail spaces with just a few doors, to national enterprise-scale brands with hundreds of locations throughout the US. If you’re looking for the best access control companies in Baltimore, Openpath partners are trained on all the latest commercial security technologies to ensure your Maryland buildings are safe, secure, and protected.
  • Manage security operations from anywhere in the world
    One of the benefits of a cloud-based security system like Openpath is that everything can be managed remotely. Access from anywhere improves physical and cyber security posturing for Maryland businesses in the small to medium market, and is especially important for enterprise organizations. With Openpath, security teams can issue and revoke credentials, change permissions, add new entries, adjust door schedules, and even unlock the door without having to set foot on the property. Remote access helps businesses accommodate a more flexible workforce, and also makes security management more efficient by centralizing operations. Do more with less headcount, all while improving your Baltimore building security.
  • Scalable, adaptable access control for enterprise organizations
    Why settle for a cumbersome, outdated legacy access control system in Maryland offices? Baltimore enterprise security systems need to be flexible and agile enough to keep up with business, and convenient enough for thousands of people to use on a daily basis. Openpath’s mobile and cloud-managed access control systems help Baltimore businesses become more adaptable. Thanks to open API architecture, Openpath can seamlessly integrate with all the tools and apps needed to run your business, paving the way for powerful automations across your entire enterprise. Openpath also offers software and hardware products that cater specifically to the needs of large Baltimore businesses, with features including site-specific permissions, custom fields for better user management, Milestone and Cisco Meraki VMS integrations, built-in occupancy tracking, and customizable Flexible Lockdown plans for each of your locations.
  • Quality customer support available 24/7
    The best Maryland access control companies are doing more than unlocking the door. When you install a new access control system in your space, make sure your provider is ready to assist even after the deployment. Openpath has a team of dedicated support staff standing by 24/7 to help our customers. We make it easy to get the assistance you need, with options like online chat, phone support, and email. Openpath also has an extensive content library available to everyone, with FAQs and free guides covering setup and installation, integrations, new features, and help with the mobile app. At Openpath, we take feedback seriously, and pride ourselves on the ability to create the tangible security solutions our customers need. Plus, with a large network of Baltimore access control installers and integrators, our customer service team can quickly connect you with a local technician. With Openpath, you’re getting best-of-breed security technology, as well as the best access control customer support in Maryland.

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