2N intercom and access control system review

See why customers prefer Openpath’s all-in-one Video Intercom Reader Pro over 2N's Verso and IP intercoms for their building security.

Openpath vs. 2N Video Intercom

If you’re looking for video intercom systems, one of the names you might come across while doing your research is 2N. Some of their product offerings include access control, elevator, telecommunications, and intercom systems. Although the company manufactures solid intercoms, reviews are sparse, making it more difficult for customers to find honest ratings of the products. In this 2N access control intercom review, we break down the system’s benefits, drawbacks, and how the more advanced Openpath Video Reader Pro can make up for the technologies lacking in 2N intercom.

Quick look: key differences between Openpath and 2N video intercoms
High-definition camera

Openpath features a super-high definition camera with wider viewing angle

Voice AI call routing

Openpath’s voice AI ensures visitors can always connect to persons in charge

Secure access options

2N offers a wide range of access methods, but does not support touchless entry

Durable hardware

Some 2N devices are less durable than other intercoms, scoring a low IP54 rating

Award-winning design

The Openpath video intercom won the prestigious Red Dot design award

Openpath's innovative Video Intercom Reader Pro
  • All-in-one access control, video, and intercom system 

  • 100% remote control through Openpath’s secure cloud-based management

  • Award-winning hardware design with slim profile and high-resolution camera 

  • Compatible with existing security systems and top app integrations

  • Seamless snap-in installation with a single PoE cable and standard wiring

  • AI capabilities for smart voice recognition and call routing 

  • Touchless Wave to Unlock for fast and reliable access

Comprehensive 2N intercom and access control review

2N’s newer intercom models, like the IP Style, might be suitable for a residential building looking for a comprehensive security solution, but the system comes with a hefty price tag and with less impressive functionality compared to more cost effective options. More affordable 2N models might meet the needs of buildings that are able to operate with a less robust security system, but it leaves much to be desired for buildings needing more. These models lack the technology to make it a truly powerful all-in-one solution. 

2N’s mobile functionality offers minimal access control options, and the audio quality is relatively low. Any disturbance, such as electromagnetic or RF interference, could easily affect sound clarity. When it comes to visual verification, some 2N intercoms come with a built-in camera, and others require add-on hardware and installation. Some 2N hardware is also less durable than other intercoms, with the IP Verso scoring an IP54 rating compared to the higher durability rating of IP65 in other outdoor intercom systems. With the new IP Style, the hardware is quite substantial in size, making it more challenging to find a convenient location that can accommodate the device. This 2N intercom review covers everything you need to know prior to investing in a 2N system. 

2N price vs. Openpath price

When it comes to pricing, some 2N intercom models are quite costly, with their newest IP Style with a built-in camera and reader priced at around $4000. Other models are fairly affordable, with hardware priced from $1000 to $1500 for the IP Verso, Force, and Solo models. However, these specific intercoms often require add-ons to perform the functions of a modern system with built-in features. The base prices do not include keypad modules, access readers and tokens, and mounting accessories. Plus, add-ons can cost upward of $500. Remote mobile access is available at a monthly fee charged per user. The additional hardware, installation, and fees can lead to ongoing overhead costs, as well as the system updates that can only be performed manually. 

The Openpath video intercom comes with built-in features that eliminate the need for additional hardware and installation. The mobile credentials and backward compatibility with legacy cards lower the upfront and ongoing costs for physical credentials. The software is also available in different price points to serve a wide range of security needs, and the scalable pricing model helps keep costs low while supporting a business’s growth. 

Cloud-based video intercom system review

While some 2N intercom models are wireless, others run on a cloud-based system. The system can be managed through a centralized multi-device management software with capabilities that include access control configuration, device management and monitoring, multiple site control, time and attendance management, and visitor card administration. 

Although the dashboard includes a satisfactory list of management features, there are limitations with some. For instance, some 2N intercoms run on a cloud-based system, but scalability is limited. Because some models feature a modularized design, scaling is often complicated, as there is a lot of hardware to add on before the system can accommodate the addition of sites and locations to a dashboard. Plus, system updates are not automatic and must be performed manually.

Unlike 2N intercoms, the Openpath video intercom’s cloud-based system supports infinite scaling. An organization can easily add multiple sites and locations to a network with a few simple steps. This allows businesses to focus on their growth by eliminating the inconvenience of working a complicated security system. Adding to this convenient feature is remote management, a technology that enables users to manage multiple sites and locations from a dashboard from any location. Similarly, the remote unlock mechanism allows security admins to open doors from anywhere, with no additional hardware installation and wiring needed. Systems are also updated automatically as soon as new software is available, making security maintenance more effortless.

Installation and integration

There are some positive points to note in the 2N’s integration process, but the benefits are accompanied by serious challenges in installation. The 2N wireless intercoms can easily integrate with legacy systems, and because 2N is a subsidiary within the Swedish access control manufacturer Axis Communications, the intercoms work well and integrate seamlessly with Axis systems.    

The positives in integration, however, are countered with disadvantages in installation for some of its models. Although 2N intercoms do not require master stations, installing a 2N intercom can be a complex process, as the lack of “plug and play” installation and modularized designs present a set of challenges. Unlike Openpath, many models need manual assembly and additional 2N intercom hardware installation is required to transform the system into a complete access control solution. Users must also install Windows App Client to be able to receive calls from a computer, a software that most find outdated.

With the Openpath video intercom, installation and integration are simple and easy. The built-in ACU functionality makes the system compatible with any legacy systems, and the open API and mobile SDK infrastructure enables the system to easily connect with other hardware, software, apps, property management platforms. Plus, The ONVIF Profile S and T compliant video platform supports a seamless integration with video security providers. 

Installing the Openpath system is equally effortless. The compact hardware installs with an easy snap-in mount and single PoE cable, enabling the high-definition 5MP camera to be rotated during install for the best viewing angle. Compared to Openpath, the cameras in 2N’s older models feature limited field view, and additional commercial security cameras might be needed to cover blind spots. Because the Openpath system comes with many built-in features and capabilities, no additional wiring and installation are required.

Voice AI and call routing features

Convenient features that some 2N intercoms offer is the ability to assist visitors after hours or when tenants are unavailable. The call forwarding connects visitors to a mobile phone number, an office, or a voicemail, and the call transfer redirects calls to another tenant. 

While these features are helpful, the Openpath Video Intercom Reader Pro’s voice AI call routing can do more. It guides visitors in great detail to multiple user directory paths, depending on predetermined settings like access and door schedules, and tenant availability. This offers visitors more customized options to connect, and lessens the possibility of the visitors having to return to the building because they are unable to reach anyone. 

Like 2N’s call forwarding and transfer, Openpath’s 24/7 intelligent call routing connects visitors to not just one destination, but one of a range of options, from a voicemail and an alternative tenant to specific user directory paths based on the visitor’s requests. But with Openpath, the call routing feature is touchless, making it safer and more convenient to use compared to 2N intercoms, whose call forwarding and transfer do not support a hands-free mechanism.

Secure access methods

2N intercoms feature a wide array of access options, but not all of them are secure or convenient. The older intercoms include the fingerprint scanner, touchscreens and keypads. Compared to Openpath’s touchless Wave to Unlock that enables users to open doors with a quick movement of the hand or phone, 2N’s access options are less convenient.The hands-free technology in Openpath’s Wave to Unlock opens doors with a swift movement of the hand or phone. In terms of privacy, the directory in some 2N models can expose tenants’ personal information and increase security risks.

In the newer 2N IP Style, access options are offered in the form of mobile, RFID card, and PINs, and the Bluetooth-backed WaveKey allows users to open doors directly from their mobile phones. Although 2N’s WaveKey is quite convenient, Openpath’s patented Triple Unlock technology is more advanced. This mechanism sends simultaneous Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular signals to allow fast unlock with 99.9% reliability rate. 2N’s sole use of Bluetooth in their WaveKey technology pales in comparison to Openpath’s use of three different signals. This ensures that users always have access, even when one connection is experiencing disruptions. Openpath also supports high- and low-frequency key cards and fobs, smart watches, and tablet apps.

Openpath vs. 2N intercom use cases

See how Openpath’s all-in-one video intercom works for all types of functionality, especially for buildings that prioritize a robust security system.

2N intercom:

  • Designed for residential buildings. The system fits the needs of apartments with a smaller number of units. 

  • The limited scalability makes 2N a less than ideal solution for growing businesses looking for a system that can accommodate unlimited scaling.

  • Because of the limited access control options in some models, the system might work for buildings that can function with less robust security.

  • Some intercoms’ modular design and lack of built-in features make the system appropriate for smaller buildings that need to customize baseline systems with specific add-on hardware.

  • Suitable for buildings looking for a cost-effective DIY approach to security. 


  • A comprehensive security system with capabilities to support all functionality, from multi-unit residential buildings to multisite commercial spaces. 

  • Unlimited scalability makes Openpath ideal for businesses needing a security system that can grow with them. 

  • A wide variety of access methods enforces security while remaining flexible with access.

  • The advanced built-in features best serve buildings looking for a comprehensive all-in-one solution without additional installation or hardware add-on.

  • Easy integration with property management software and tenant service apps allows for a seamless access management experience. 

  • Cutting edge technologies make security convenient and frictionless. 

Alternatives to 2N intercoms

If you need more robust security than 2N can offer, the Openpath Video Intercom Reader Pro might be right for you. The system serves all types of building functionality and comes with advanced built-in features that make it convenient to install, deploy, and maintain. The intercom includes a doorbell, reader, speaker, and microphone with automotive grade code and echo reduction, and an optimized mobile experience with two-way audio and video calling. Fast and secure access is supported by Bluetooth and backed by patented Triple Unlock technology. Remote unlocking from the app makes access management easy, and the cloud-based software supports infinite scaling, as well as  integration with existing systems and property management. To top off the list of benefits, the Openpath video intercom hardware won a Red Dot design award for combining form and function. The device is elegant yet durable, and its compact shape makes it easy to install in any space.